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Thread: Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 04/18/2020 - Rich Gambler, Poor Gambler

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    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 04/18/2020 - Rich Gambler, Poor Gambler

    (Topic begins at 0:21:35 mark): Druff gets a phone call from a supposed "Florida blond female fan".... (0:25:15): Lon McEachearn posts controversial series of tweets defending Mike Postle, criticizing Veronica Brill.... (1:08:18): Highly dubious "professional gambler" Christopher Mitchell. with shady past, is selling "baccarat and blackjack training".... (3:04:42): Phil Galfond barely edges VeniVidi at end of challenge, begins new challenge against Bill Perkins.... (3:20:17): Prahlad Friedman has more marital Twitter drama.... (3:54:41): Update: Lawsuit related to fraudulent 2016 PPC Poker Tour settled.... (4:21:32): PPPoker App scammer Adnan Mohammed is scamming again, has an active felony warrant in Vegas.... (4:31:41): Sunlight proven to "rapidly kill" COVID-19 on surfaces, perhaps explains seasonal differences.... (4:41:38): Vegas re-opening being discussed for sometime in May, but is this a bad idea?.... (5:21:17): Stanford study claims that 1 in 66 people had coronavirus in Santa Clara County.... (5:30:33): NYC coronavirus study shows interesting hospitalization trends for various demographic groups.... (5:43:53): Update: Is it safe to get back on your blood pressure meds?.... (5:51:41): Deaths don't tell the entire story -- why the sick-but-recovered are a big deal.... (6:11:43): Grocery follies: Druff tries out Instacart, has mixed results.... (6:42:54): Antibody tests available to some of the public, but are they accurate?.... (6:52:52): Should consumers "cut some slack" to large corporations which can't refund them?.... (7:03:18): Weekly poker game of Florida senior citizen killed 3, infected everyone.... (7:11:42): Pokerstars hitting some high stakes players with new anti-money laundering form.... (7:25:21): Negreanu-promoted GGPoker partners with WSOP for "Super Circuit Online Series".... (7:34:25): Druff reviews Vince Van Patten's "7 Days to Vegas", now available for free on Amazon Prime.... tradershky and Vintage One co-host the first portion of the show.

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